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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

There was a lot of telling in that shot of Skyler in the back room of the car wash, lost in her own thoughts (or lack of) and when Walt comes in he's obscured by the darkness. Skyler speaks to him, but there's really no one at the controls, so to speak. She's exhausted from spending so much time with this person that she is supposed to know so well; she doesn't really know him at all. He's a total stranger to her. But does she argue with him and put up a stink like the previous seasons? No. She's beaten down so completely by Walt's alter ego that she now supports him 100%. I guess this observation could have been made before this episode but I liked how clear it was from the composition of the scene.

I too hadn't time to catch up with rewatching the whole series -only made it as far as season three... so the ricin/cigarette revelation went over my head, too as it was covered in season 4 and/or 5a.

I guess Hank and Jesse might team up against Walt? I hope not. I like the idea of Jesse and Walt going down together.
I wonder how serious talk of a Better Call Saul spin off is. Hopefully he survives.
Walt and Skyler are going to become more and more isolated. It's not as though they have any friends outside of their small family. I just hope Walt Jr./Flinn is able to react to and figure out the meth thing for himself. I can't imagine he'd turn against Walt but if he did... would Walt be able to take it? Maybe there's something prophetic in what hank's wife says... maybe Walt will suicide somehow, even if it's by-cop.
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