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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Read Witchblade Vol. 2 by Ron Marz et al outside while it was sunny. Oddly this collection is issues 86-92 or something...

With Marc Silvestri out of the way the sexism is dialled down a lot in this volume - despite the typically lurid covers, Sara actually dresses sensibly for a New York Cop throughout - except for in the last episode, which has his take on Sara as Botticelli's Venus, gratuitous nudity, and does the Witchblade's origin as both predictable and a total ripoff of the origin of the Slayer line in Buffy.

Before that, however, it's actually really good - Sara does proper police work, there's action, atmosphere, good art, somewhat predictable storylines (hello "Fugitive"), and... Yeah, actually pretty decent. "Partners" is especially good- very moving, female-friendly, takes some risks...

Good jumping-on point for new readers, and an improvement on where I'd left off in the series back around the #30s or so.
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