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Hober Mallow
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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

My apologies to anyone who took offense to this line:
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IMO, until you've seen Trek in HD, you haven't really ever seen Trek.
Qualified with "IMO," my only intent with the statement was to rave about the quality of the HD remaster. Nothing more, nothing less. I certainly didn't mean to imply that those who don't have the bluray sets aren't Star Trek fans, or to make fun of poor people (of which I'm one, by any definition), or anything else.
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Lacking any sophistication in the subject, a lot of us did not know that there were 35mm masters of each episode stored safely in Hollywood. We thought that the cut scenes would never be seen again, and that Star Trek itself was deteriorating, disintegrating, decomposing before our eyes. It seemed like soon the show would be gone forever.
The idea didn't seem out of the question back in the day when a show like Dr. Who could lose entire seasons worth or episodes forever.
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I thought the DVDs looked good but the blu-rays are way better. Better depth of field, color saturation, definition, etc.
It's interesting to compare the two versions of "WNMHGB" on bluray -- the aired version vs. the original version. Both episodes are in HD, but the original pilot was transferred from a 16mm source, and, though I'm no expert, it looks to me like the original pilot was just straight transferred; there's plenty of grain and, in general, it just looks more like an actual film being projected from a projector. It actually looks pretty cool.
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