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Re: Oberth Class – the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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This may not be the case because it's all too obvious that except for the Grissom the Excelsior design studies were rejected by Nimoy/Bennett/Winter because they did not get the design studies they wanted (and that's not the kind of stuff ILM would write home about).
It looks to me more like there was a progression of designs that went from one extreme to the other (i.e. four-nacelles to two nacelles, flatter designs to designs with a neck separating the saucer and secondary hull, etc.), and Nimoy chose his favorite, not that he didn't want the other ones. Any anyway, what's the point of making five different study models that all look the same? And why would ILM care about people not knowing which study models Nimoy didn't choose?

Plus, here's something else you haven't considered: There were several study models made for what eventually became the Grissom. Unfortunately we only saw the one they chose. For all we know, the others looked completely different, and as with the Excelsior, Nimoy simply chose the one he personally liked the best.

And remember the Merchantman? Study models were made for that as well, one of which can actually be seen sitting in Spacedock (the barge/dumpster-looking thing under a ramp). It doesn't look anything like the final Merchantman design.

As it is obvious from the Rodis storyboard of the revised four-nacelled Excelsior viewed from the spacedock lounge (not the Enterprise!) the warp nacelles were apparently what the ST III producers found most fault with.
And yet those same nacelles were just fine for the final Grissom design, which despite what you believe seems to have every indication of being contemporary to the Excelsior.

Either ILM thought they were doing models for a prequel (blame Nimoy/Bennett/Winter) or Nimoy/Bennett/Winter didn't like the apparent retro style ILM was aiming for (blame ILM for their lack of vision what the next gen of a Federation starship should look like).
I see that no matter what I say or what evidence I give, you're still in denial about this whole "ILM thought they were making a prequel" thing that only you believe because it fits with your personal theory about the age of the Oberth, so there's really nothing more for me to say on this subject, so I think I'll let it drop.
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