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Re: And now The Newsroom....

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I'm a little sad that the show won't deal with Sandy. We're already the day before election night. I kept imagining an epic development in one of the love storylines, preferably that between Will and Mac with Sandy as a dramatic background. Oh well. But it's really a missed chance.
We haven't gotten to November yet in "showtime", its still September.

All of the deposition/mock testimony scenes are taking place over a period of 5 days at the beginning of November (Jim states its been 5 days, Will states that it's the day before the election on November 6th). But as far as the main timeline of the show itself, we're still a couple of days after Benghazi, September 11th 2012. Sandy doesn't happen until the end of October. Unfortunately, there are only two episodes left this season, and by the titles both seem to be about the election. Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New York around the 29th of October, which was only a week before the election. So they may or may not get to it.

I know this season has been wrecking with people's brains as far as the timeline goes, but if you piece it all together it makes sense. All of the scenes with Becca are taking place in November 2012, the season itself started around September 11th 2011, the Uganda trip takes place shortly after that, and Maggie gets her redhead haircut probably on the one year anniversary of the Uganda trip (which is why she's been blond this whole season).
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