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Re: Have the Galaxy Class got a fatal design flaw?

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I think it's interesting to note that in the case of both Yamato and Odyssey, both were more or less destroyed for shock value, not unlike the Constellation on TOS.
I don't really think thats comparable seeing as the Constellation after going up against a almost indestructible Doomsday Machine that could likely out class a Borg Cube and was mostly intact where as the Odyssey got owned by small ships that the Defiant usually blew up in one shot.

The Yamato's destruction on the other hand was reasonable since it was taken out by some uber computer virus.

Heck, if you wanted to you could contrive the notion that the Constitution class was cursed.
The loses of Connies though were from a variety of reasons such as 1) destruction while fighting something probably more powerful than the Borg (Constellation), being eaten by a Space Amoeba (Intrepid), surprise full power attack during a wargame at the hands of an out of control A.I. (Excalibur), possible loss after a virus killed all of the crew save the captain (Exeter), falling into a a weird space anomaly and getting lost in another dimension as a result (Defiant), and fianlly self-destruct after previous battle damage, reliance on automation due to a lack of crew, and a lucky shot crippled the ship (Enterprise)

Not really something that any other ship class could avoid.

But I don't see there being any reason to think the Galaxy class had a fatal flaw.
The Galaxies on the other hand were variations of the same thing.

Computer virus triggered warp core breach (Yamato), collision triggered warp core breach (Odyssey and time looped Enterprise), fixing the space-time continuum triggered warp core breach times 3 (alternate pilot Enterprise, Enterprise, alternate future Enterprise), combat damage triggered warp core breach (Enterprise, crappy Borg took over the alpha quadrant alternate Enterprise, and alternate present Enterprise).

So yeah it does look like their is something fishy with the warp core on a Galaxy-class starship.
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