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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Not a bad episode. I was starting to get the impression I just didn't like the standard stories Voyager was trotting out, but this one showed me otherwise. This one actually worked quite well. Good Kes episode helped by Lien's ability to play two totally different characters, even if they did go a bit Mirror Universe Kira with her. It helped that the episode was from the perspective of the bad guys, so they came across as proper characters with lots of political intrigue going on.

Now a minor point, but one I really like and feel I should highlight. Tom and Harry wearing civvies on the bridge. I've seen a few times where they just ignore that the crew members were off duty when an alarm goes off and suddenly they're on the bridge in full uniform. I didn't mention it before but I had a similar thought in Remember when the senior staff are at the diplomatic reception in civvies. It just makes Voyager feel that much more like a living ship, especially one that the crew are basically trapped aboard. I watching it now it really bugs me that it's extremely rare for them to take the uniform off. Why do they still look like they're on duty for scenes at the French bar that Paris ran on the holodeck for instance?
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