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New and Upcoming UKTV

I figured we have so much about US shows here I may as well start a thread about British TV. So here's some of the latest commissions I've seen from British TV Channels.


Roald Dahl's Esio Trot
- Dame Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman to star in Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot, a single film for BBC One adapted by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer, made by Endor Productions. Produced by BAFTA-winner Hilary Bevan Jones and directed by Dearbhla Walsh who won an Emmy for Little Dorrit (2009).

Ordinary Lies - BAFTA and Emmy-winning writer Danny Brocklehurst returns to BBC One with a new six-part drama series from Red Production Company.
Set in a car showroom, Ordinary Lies focuses on a group of compelling characters all dealing with every day dilemmas and what happens when the lies people tell to keep their heads above water spin out of control with sometimes tragic, sometimes funny consequences. The executive producer is Nicola Shindler.

Siblings - A brand-new scripted comedy series from the company that made The Inbetweeners, Siblings is about the world’s worst brother and sister. Obnoxious, lazy, self-centred, underachieving, incompetent and occasionally depraved, they cause chaos and disaster wherever they go.

37 Days- With a stellar cast, including Ian McDiarmid, Sinead Cusack, Tim Pigott-Smith, Bill Paterson and Kenneth Cranham, this landmark factual drama from Hardy Pictures reveals the complex behind-closed-doors story of the outbreak of the First World War.
Covering the final weeks before the outbreak of war, 37 Days follows the rapidly changing crisis through the eyes of the principal players, during a hot summer, from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28 June 1914, to the declaration of war between Britain and Germany on 4 August.

Idris Elba: King Of Speed - Idris Elba (Luther) takes pole position as he lines up to take the drive of his life in a revelatory, adrenaline-fuelled 2x60-min documentary.
Charting the colourful origins and secret history of the car racing scene, he travels far and wide in search of the real story.

Channel 4

Babylon - Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle is to collaborate with the creators of the successful comedy Peep Show for a new Channel 4 police-based comedy drama.
The show - called Babylon - will mark Boyle's return to television for the first time in 12 years.
Channel 4 boss, Jay Hunt, told the Edinburgh Festival that she was "hugely excited" about the project.

Blackout - Channel 4 has commissioned Blackout, a feature-length ‘What-If’ drama exploring the effects of a cyber-attack on Britain’s national electricity grid.

Blackout combines real user-generated footage, alongside fictional scenes, CCTV archive and news reports.

Made by Raw TV and ordered by C4’s deputy head of factual, Nick Mirsky, the film is directed by BAFTA-winner Ben Chanan and the executive producer is Richard Bond.

Roisin Conaty (Working Title)
It’s Marcella’s birthday and this year she’s determined to turn over a new leaf. But first she has to work out whose bed she’s in and why she’s covered in fried chicken. Then there’s the speech she’s due to give about her life as a successful actress in America.

Scrotal Recall
Following the disastrous exploits of twenty-something Dylan Witter, who must contact everyone he’s ever slept with to tell them he has Chlamydia. Dylan’s not proud of the number of women he’s slept with, so he decides to use this quest to make sense of a decade of squandered opportunities, broken promises, and romantic car-crashes.

The Revengers!
A mockumentary about a group of ordinary people who live in Croydon who come together and decide to try and fight crime… dressed in neon lycra. They wear costumes straight out of the Marvel Universe (via Oxfam), so the local community can recognise them for the heroes that they really are. Except they’re not really heroes. Simon (the Fox) is a car insurance salesman who lives with his mum. Ian (RazorBoy) is a janitor with psychotic tendencies.

Raised By Wolves
Caitlin Moran reveals all in her own inimitable style: “Raised by Wolves is written by me, bestselling author and award winning columnist Caitlin Moran, with my sister Caroline Moran. Set on a Wolverhampton council estate, “Raised By Wolves” ismodern day reimagining of us, when we were growing up – loads of kids, no money, home-schooled, and educating ourselves on mankind’s great bounty of books, films, TV and pop music.

Channel 5

Evidence -a new procedural crime drama - will air in early 2014.
Each self-contained episode follows ten very different cases - from the committing of the crime, through its investigation and then to the final conclusion.

The series centres around three core detectives whose professional and personal approach to the job of policing drives the series.


Crackanory - UKTV’s Dave is adding a new comedy to its line up. The channel has given the green-light to a new six episode comedy series titled Crackanory, which hails from Tiger Aspect Productions and will feature such comedy talent as Harry Enfield and Jack Dee. The series is expected to air on Dave later this year alongside original commissions Ross Noble Freewheeling and Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish. Described as a “a satirical and twisted grown-up spin on story time”, Crackanory will contain two tales, each punctuated with a mixture of narrated live action and animation. Penned by some of comedy’s most imaginative writers (such as Jeremy Dyson, Nico Tatarowicz, Holly Walsh, Jason Cook and Kevin Eldon), the stories will be performed by celebrities who let their dark, comedic minds run wild and put their own enchanting spin on storytelling.
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