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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

BEVERLY:Exactly. Cryonics. It was a kind of fad in the late twentieth century. People feared dying. It terrified them.
And future humans don't.... After the 2nd season, about 85% of the time, human characters fight like hell to survive life threatening situations.

Hell, a few episodes later, 24th century Ira Graves forced his consciousness into Data, and Picard had to struggle to get him to leave. Perhaps another super Utopian statement from the earlier seasons.

From the House of Quark:

D'GHOR: I want to know exactly how Kozak died.
QUARK: You'll like it, believe me.
D'GHOR: I hope you're not going to tell me he died in an accident.
QUARK: You do?
D'GHOR: Yes.Because there's no honor in such a death. And if Kozak died in disgrace, that disgrace would be passed along to the rest of his family.
Klingon customs get odder by the minute the more time passes. It's the worrying about it being an accident part that seems odd...How do they get anything done with this type of thinking...

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