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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

The video was pretty fun, but I loved the awkward-as-hell dinner. The over-enthusiastic waiter that kept interrupting was the icing on the cake. I'm surprised Hank and Marie's death glares didn't actually finish Walt and Skylar off right there and then.

I actually felt sympathy for Skylar this week, which I hadn't done since she sided with her husband when Hank tried to help her. She knows that she is up shit creek, and seems to be just plodding on as best as she can, both with Walt and at work. I can't help but feel that she may yet come running to her sister with the kids after she finally wakes up. What makes this feeling stronger for me was a scene where the white outfit she was wearing was heavily contrasted with Walt being pretty much black in the shadows.

Jesse finally realising what Walt did to Brock was a major turning point, even if his working it out was a little contrived. I nearly shed a tear for the hug Walt gave him in the desert though. It summed up the complicated relationship those two have had. Walt is a dangerous man, and would hurt Jesse if it would help himself. Yet after that, Walt does care about what happens to him.

I think Todd will die by the hands of the new scary-Jesse, in revenge for killing the kid at the railway, which may result in Walt needing to rescue him for old time's sake from the family.
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