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Re: Voth vs. the Borg

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Predestination doesn't work like that often sometimes.

New timelines are created with extra past that spins out a different future.

So second time around in the new time line it seems like predestination, even though what's going to happen has absolutely no effect on the past since the poop that already went down was all tourists from a different timeline.
Well, the only way this theory has held weight in traditional Science Fiction that would explain this away 'easily' (and lets be honest, no one in the Trek universe has yet dared try to tackle this one) is temporal fractal theory which is what Sliders is based on (hey, lets drag that series into another thread!).

That is to say, the theory we'd have to work under is that every time a decision is made, the universe splits into parallel universes where there are only slight variations based on the quantum vibration of that universe.

That would mean Admiral Janeway actually travels from a parallel universe to a very similar, almost identical universe and made her changes; though in theory, if we'd accept this to be true, Harry shouldn't have cared because the Temporal Prime Directive unless it also 'now' covers making adjustments in different quantum universes.

I never quite liked this theory because String Theory illustrates the universe PROBABLY doesn't an infinite expansion room to keep plowing out new quantum universes each time someone makes a different decision would cause infinite expansion and would essentially explode the world out of Chell's Big Bang theory (no pun intended); I could see world changing decisions causing fracturing, but then even String Theory lends itself to the concept of intelligent design on some level at that point and although I'm not against the concept of God, that level of intelligent design just seems too "manipulative" to not be governed by an intelligence and seems like it has to fall under a set of rules we don't yet understand possibly having something to do with quantum cubits, natural splits, or something weird like that :-\

But heck, lets take a step back and remember that according to modern time travel theory (this is real science, not sci-fi) to time travel, we currently believe you need to simultaneously reach absolute zero and absolute hot at the same time. If Janeway did manage to go back in time, realistically, she's a pile of ashes along with that Klingon ship that tried to follow her and Voyager is still really still stuck in the DQ
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