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Re: Any mixed feelings about the transporter?

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Does anybody else wish they had used the transporter a lot less on TOS.


It seems that the transporter would be more convienent but of course countless times they are cut off from the ship and have no food, water, weapons, supplies or a base to operate from.

I love that aspect of "Galileo Seven' and "Metamorphosis'.
I feel the same way. Always had a soft spot for the shuttle and the few instances when they used it this way are among my favorite Trek moments. As is Spockīs use of the specially equipped shuttle in "Immunity Snydrome". It always feels special and more use of the shuttle would have opened possibilties for other story ideas. That does not mean the tranporter would have been abandoned! But just use it, when it makes sense and not as a default means of transportation - thatīs one thing I like about ENT.

And using the shuttle also makes sense in-universe. When you want to leave a survey or science team on a planet, but the "mother ship" has to be elsewhere, as a captain Iīd want my planet-team based in a shuttle, rather then just beaming them down. A shuttle would serve them as shelter and a base of operations and they could also use it to visit and explore different places on the planet or even leave it when necessary.

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