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Re: Spawn Movie could shoot next year says Todd McFarlane

Mike Farley wrote: View Post
McFarlane has been yakking about making another Spawn movie since the last Spawn movie. Nothing ever comes of it.
Reverend wrote: View Post
Hasn't he also been yanking about another animated series for like 8 years now? Honestly though, I think Spawn's moment has passed. That's what happens when you're more concerned with making toys than anything else.
Edgar Wright has been going on about his Ant-Man movie for 8 years now since 2005.

The release date wasn't announced until recently. That's ten years from when he signed on to release date. What's the difference?

Reverend wrote: View Post
Honestly though, I think Spawn's moment has passed..
But... but we got two Kick-ass movies! Obviously you don't need to be A list comic property to get a movie!
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