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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

So, The Aztecs…

I’d always heard good things about this, but to be honest I don’t think I expected anything great. What a surprise then to find that people’s reviews hadn’t been misleading as I thought it was very, very good. A trifle stagy perhaps (but that’s how TV was in the early days) and it took a little while to acclimatise to Tlotoxl’s Richard III impression (but once I did what a fab villain he made! Along with Ixta) and I was amazed to discover it was John Ringham in his younger days.

Some great interplay between the characters, especially between Barbara and the Doctor, and the who “You can’t change history… not one line” scene was very powerful, and I like Barbara’s response along the lines of “What’s the point travelling in time then?” I thought Babara was given a strong story in this, even if both Ian and the Doctor were a little patronising. I liked the Doctor’s little love story, and the fact that he was happy to manipulate her love for his own gains, and Ian’s boys own adventure was great…only Susan seemed to get the short shift. Even in the early days it seems you could have too many characters in the TARDIS.

I liked that they didn't gloss over the whole issue of sacrifice, for a children's show this was very adult.

All in all a great story though.
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