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Re: Ships of the Line 2014

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July: The NCC-76890 looks like it's set in-between the Ambassador- and Galaxy-classes but more advanced than both. While it is certainly good-looking, I wouldn't think Starfleet releases an exact intermediary between two flagship classes. Maybe we could learn more about that ship if it receives a cameo in a novel.
You're referring to the design in this thread, I believe?
Yeah, the Onimaru is one of Madkoifish's designs. You can find on his blog (with lots of eyecandy) here. He does some really stunning ship designs.

Also, June is the Belknap class, a fan design that I believe predates FASA trek products. The only images I can find from the calendar on the web are too small to determine if this is a nuTrek version or not.
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