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Re: Star Trek Voyager: Protectors by Kirsten Beyer, Jan 2014!

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Don't forget that with Voyager "Full Circle" jumped the series from about a year after "Endgame" to just after "Destiny" about 3-4 years later. Sure there were a few chapters that picked up a few small incidents. And now it appears "Protectors" is going to be used to, possible, catch Voyager up with TNG/DS9.
No, no, no.

When I said in the interview that it had a lot of ground to cover, I didn't mean in time as much as in story. FC was really long...almost three years. Unworthy, not so long, a few weeks. CotS, longer...maybe a few months given the length of time for repairs to Quirinal, and I guess TET all happened in a week to ten days or so.

Protectors returns to more a CotS thing in terms of time. I think maybe three months total. In my mind I was comparing it mainly to TET. (I think I had actually forgotten how much time we covered in CotS.) and math.

Anyway, no one has asked that I bring Voyager up to the timeline of the other series. I'm not even thinking about that right now. As of the end of TET we're 5 months into what is supposed to be a three year mission, so yes, some of the other books are past that by now. The "big" story that beings with Protectors and plays out (crosses fingers hopefully - still nothing solid that I can announce officially) through the next two books would at the very most take us to the end of year one, but that's an outside estimate right now.

So on that front, anyway...calm down. I've got this.

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