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Re: Syfy greenlights new pilot ""Timegate SG1""

The part of the premise involving the facility being protected from time changes and then having the main characters re-interface with the new continuum was ill-conceived. So, what, now there are two versions of everybody in the facility? How could they just leave the facility and take over the lives of their alternate-history selves? Also, the magic computer and the building full of Johnnies-on-the-spot were over the top.

It seems that the show's premise involved the twist of finding out what the hidden purpose of the whole facility was. Had it gone to series, I would have expected some drawn-out adventure to find out what Malcolm (Matthew Bennett) was up to, perhaps something like The Event in how the mysterious details of what's really going on are progressively uncovered, instead of just a steady stream of saving the world from disasters in the mold of Seven Days. Viewers don't necessarily like being strung along, though, especially when the payoff doesn't seem to be worth it. Maybe that had something to do with it not getting picked up. The onus would certainly have been on the show's creators to come up with something truly interesting, which was only vaguely hinted at in the pilot. Perhaps that was missing.

Still, I have to rate this one much higher than shite like The Event. It was no Source Code, though.
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