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Any mixed feelings about the transporter?

Does anybody else wish they had used the transporter a lot less on TOS.

I get why it was invented--because they didn't want to waste time and money showing the ship 'land'.

But by the time of the middle of the 1st season they had the shuttle and they could have used stock footage of it leaving the Ent, traveling in space and then just cut to it on the surface.

It seems that the transporter would be more convienent but of course countless times they are cut off from the ship and have no food, water, weapons, supplies or a base to operate from.

I love that aspect of "Galileo Seven' and "Metamorphosis'.

Every single week it seems they had to do a new optical of the beam-ins and outs and that cost money too.

When they beam down in Spock's Brain they are beaming into a wilderness of 'acrtic characteristics' with only their apparently heated longjohns--then they heat some rocks.

I just think the convienence became waaay too conveinent and repetative.

Any opinions?
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