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Re: Syfy greenlights new pilot ""Timegate SG1""

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I never felt there was a convincing explanation for why Roarke blew up New York just to get someone to go back in time and save his wife. Okay, they said he was insane, which is a handy excuse for things that don't happen for good reasons, but if he were actually mentally ill, that would've impaired him sufficiently that I doubt he'd ever have been granted access to the means and resources to build a nuclear weapon.
I assumed that, from the set up, our heroes would wind up crossing Roarke in the past, since Roarke somehow 'sensed' hero guy was ''the One'' to set things right... But that all fell flat as the ''backstep'' veered towards saving his wife, in order to erase Roarke's motives for mass murder and destruction. Since Roarke wasn't involved in the program, and only gained knowledge of it through reports that he shouldn't have had, his reasons for doing this makes no sense. He had no assurance that the steps taken to stop him would even extend as far back as to save his wife.

While the cliffhanger ending was provocative, I agree, the premise as presented here was just too limiting. Mean Military Man obviously, was operating with info the project leaders didn't have. I'm left wondering if perhaps he-and whatever faction that he might inevitably be involved with, were responsible for aiding Roarke in order to set up the on going reasons for tracking him thru time. Who knows?
But, it was more interesting than spending another Monday night Under the Dome.
Have spacesuit...will travel.
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