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Re: Star Trek Maps (1980)

/\ true. One of the issues I'm struggling with is the idea of the Romulans being so far from Terra, yet having a war with them in a warp 4 era. In the TM, that's nearly 5k parsecs! In FASA, 80pc, in Maps 240pc, in SC, 100 light years. If I go with the spherical treaty zone, and push them in to the 100ly point, I have to do the same with the Klingons in order to preserve the Triangle, and suddenly a lot of other real estate changes hands. The Orion worlds are now in the middle of Klingon space, which is problematic. I don't want to introduce wormholes too frequently, so maybe a chi factor warp superhighway lane through Edoan space to the RNZ?
That, of course, should rearrange colony locations in quadrant 3, so it gets thorny.
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