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Tom Paris said it best when Janeway decided to let an entire race die because they don't know the consequences of what will happen, "They're all going to die, anything's got to be better than that!"

Seriously... the whole "natural disaster" clause of the prime directive is the equivalent of saying you should let a pregnant woman you see die simply because her kid might be Hitler. Not only that, but saying it's moral to do so.
Yeah, TNG era writers really missed the boat with their interpretation of the prime directive. At times it's almost like they're defending God's right to do as he pleases without interference. That seems insanely counter to the views of TOS and also really damn arrogant. TOS regularly "interfered" to save a society from getting destroyed or being dominated by an "undesirable" influence (For the World is Hollow, Paradise Syndrome, The Apple, etc).

As for whether or not it's arrogant - I'm going to go with not really. To acknowledge that your influence might fuck things up and then steer clear seems more like self awareness. Of course, that breaks down in later series, but it works well as defined in TOS.
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