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Re: TOS Caption Contest #276: Balance of Captions

TFTW, Leadhead!

Kirk: The cross? Yeah, some kid named JJ thought it needed beefing up. Gave it some shoulder muscles.

Spock: This is my spot. You can't sit in my spot.
Kirk: Who are you now, Sheldon Cooper?
Spock: Naturally. That would make you Leonard, Captain.
Kirk: - You're Leonard.
Spock: No, I'm Sheldon, you're Leonard.
Kirk: Bones?
Spock: Kuthrapali, perhaps you should explain it to him.
Sulu: I know he's not looking at me just because I'm Asian.
Chekov: Vell? The Volovitz mop vas a Russian inwention.

Live Long and Prosper, Leonard Nimoy. Here you are, an autographed copy of my book I Am Not Spock.

Crewman: Do the death grip! Do the death grip!

Kirk: Sulu, how close can we get to that black hole before it swallows us up?

Uhura: You better navigate your nose back to the outer space, mister. I'll space bitch slap an Ensign.

Kirk: This is the captain. There's something out on the wing. That is all.

Scotty: We don't even have a wing, sir!

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