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Re: Revisiting TAS...

I always liked "The Jihad". It had some good world-building, an interesting quest, and got the protagonists away from the ship. But it also sparked an idea: if the Vedala have time travel to the extent that they casually erase memories and return their helpers to the moment they left, they don't really need helpers. OTOH, if they can make transporter clones, they can have (and keep) all the helpers they might ever need.
Kirk & Spock (and all the others) got recruited to help with this mission, and when they beamed over, they got "cloned" and sent back. After the adventure, the clones get returned to the transporter buffer with their memories erased. Now, whenever the Vedala need agents, they get woken up, thinking they just now arrived to help, and willingly go do whatever's needed, only to have a new memory wipe every time they return to the buffer.
Makes the Vedala less powerful, maintains the mystery a bit, and makes them a bit darker.

I loved ADF's adaptations, but I first saw them shortly after reading "The Tar Aym Krang", so I already liked his writing style.
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