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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Nice list, saw the news about the Inner Light

Don't hold your breath for Joe Menosky, the producers haven't much luck including him thus far. He moved to Italy mid-way through TNG (he basically did an early form of telecommuting) and seems to have been a bit of a recluse ever since, even though he did return to the States.

I would be very interesting in seeing/hearing him on the bonus content though.
Yeah, I agree it's probably unlikely they can get him for the very reasons you bring up, but it'd be a shame as he had a sizable impact on TNG (he was co-producer in Season 5) and "Darmok" was probably his best work on the show, though I admit I'm sort of partial to "The Nth Degree" myself. Would've loved a commentary on that!
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