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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


What Goes Around, Comes Around

"Previously on OitNB... the women framed Mendez for rape, because they could not get him arrested for pushing drugs in the prison and contributing to the death of young Tricia. He's since been suspended, but Mendez has arranged to have Young Officer Bennett "find" drugs in the produce truck, implicating Red in its distribution. Mendez has been suspended, Bennett knows about the frame-up but has kept his mouth shut and Red has been relieved of her kitchen duties."

Mendez is lying in wait for Bennett to go to work. He waylays the young man, talking a mile a minute about the LOVE of his life, Daya. He just seems so fishy here, claiming he's there to pick up a paycheck but then leaving without the paycheck before he even comes close to the admin building.

A short time later, Bennett is in Fig's office, being grilled about the drugs. Benny keeps to the George Mendez script, proudly recounting "his" efforts to prevent another Tricia tragedy by stopping the produce truck and searching it thoroughly.

Fig seemed extremely interested in the fact that the drugs were found before the produce van entered the facility and she slyly suggested BENNETT would get in trouble for bringing the drugs onto Fed property, so she encouraged Bennett to forget about the drugs AND the report he still hasn't filed. But since SHE KNOWS he's one of the "good guys" she's authorizing an incentive raise of 130 dollars a MONTH!


Bust open a drug connection and get a raise of 1500 dollars a year.

Whoop dee do.

That won't go far when he has to start buying formula in 8 months.

Bennett listens to Fig, and doesn't file a report, which gets Caputo's "panties" in a twist. Caputo has the young man fill out the report and HE will file it, taking the heat off Bennett. NOw........ I'm not sure what that means... is Caputo going to claim HE found the drugs instead of Bennett? Won't lying help taint the evidence? I'm sure the driver of the produce van can tell the difference between Bennett & Caputo.

Like Nicky says, "we" (white people) don't all look alike despite what the other tribes say.

As for Red... Caputo told her to get out of the kitchen so naturally she's there trying not only to pull a meal together, but trying to re-plan her menus without the produce that came from Neptune.

Caputo is not swayed, and threaten to drag her to SHU for insubordination. Gloria, the "Santeria priestess", has been brought in to replace Red as head cook... with permission to bring in "her people" to help run the kitchen.

The poor shmucks in the middle are Norma & Gina... AKA "The Squirrel and the Silent One." according to Nicky.

(Can you believe that the actress who plays Gina the kitchen waif AKA "the squirrel" actually came to the OitNB auditions to read for ALEX!!!!!! )

These two are left behind when Red is removed from power. They still work in the kitchen but only as grunt labor and food service, no longer as prep cooks.

When Nicky arrives to ask them to choose their secret Santa names, they point out to the former junkie how badly Red is taking her banishment.

Gina: I said, "they're gonna throw you in the SHU if you (Red) don't show up for work", but then she gave me that look that makes my ass leak.
Nicky: I am familiar with that look.

All of TREKDOM is "familiar with that look".

"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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