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Re: Finding goofs in your tv shows...

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From what I understand, circumstantial evidence strengthens hard evidence but is not in and of itself enough for a conviction (Unless you happen to have a high enough melanin content in your skin).
Well, not really. Here's a jury instruction to show the point:

Circumstantial evidence is legal and competent, and a person charged with a crime may be convicted upon circumstantial evidence alone, or upon circumstantial evidence connected with other evidence, if you believe beyond a reasonable doubt from such circumstantial evidence that the person so charged is guilty. You have the right to convict the defendant upon circumstantial evidence alone, or upon circumstantial evidence coupled with other evidence, if from all the evidence you believe that guilt of the defendant has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Back on topic:
Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
I wonder how they feel about L&O.
I'm fine with the show because it's a good drama. But the objections can be really butchered some times.

And if they hate CSI so much because of this, they must really hate Perry Mason. The prosecutor on that show (Hamilton Burger) is so incompetent that he never won a case!
Well, I think the defense side probably doesn't like Perry Mason so much because, 99.9999% of the time, their job isn't to solve a mystery. The jury's supposed to be listening to the evidence and deciding if it's enough to convict. They're not supposed to be mini-detectives trying to figure out a mystery.
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