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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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But, "Threshold" also establishes transwarp flight to be at warp 10. Now, I'm apt to include what can be gleaned from "Threshold" somehow, lizards aside. Can we somehow marry warp 10 with transwarp and transwarp corridors?
I took it that "Threshold" established Transwarp flight to be anything above the top speed of warp drive all the way up to the barrier. When Paris engaged the Transwarp drive, he still had some acceleration to go before hitting the barrier so he was flying at Transwarp at the time. He just pushed it all the way up to the barrier. In the same sense, "Descent" showed that the Borg Transwarp "Conduits" accelerated ships in it to speeds many times faster than their fastest warp drive. They both are operating at Transwarp speeds.

The "barrier" or "threshold" would technically be going faster than Transwarp. I guess Janeway's commendation should've been instead, "Regardless of the outcome, you did break the Transwarp Barrier" or something like that.

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I think you're right. It seems like Styles might have planned to drop into transwarp (into a corridor maybe) and then pop out ahead of the Enterprise.
I was envisioning it more like the Excelsior engaging Transwarp and then surging ahead and blowing by the Enterprise only to have to slow down for the Enterprise to catch up. From the different times we've seen Transwarp in action it still is interacting with normal space in some sense.

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I'm uncertain, however, on just what form the failed transwarp drive may've taken. I wonder how the Shuttlecraft Cochrane's "new engines" would have worked? Presumably, there was some component installed in the nacelles in addition to the warp coils, since reference was made to them shearing off. Perhaps this in tandem with some deflector modifications?

The difference between the Excelsior and "Threshold" could be that in TSFS they lacked a sufficiently stable dilithium crystal.
PARIS: We discovered a new form of dilithium in the asteroid field we surveyed last month. It remains stable at a much higher warp frequency.
So it would seem you need better dilithium and reinforcement of the hull so it doesn't fly apart and a fast warp drive plus a Transwarp drive. Perhaps they just built a shuttle-sized Transwarp drive from the Excelsior's blueprints?

Conduits you just need possibly a Transwarp coil, better deflectors and a conduit?
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