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IDW's "Nero" mini-series sold gangbusters and came out after its parent movie. Timing "Khan" with the arrival of STiD on home video seems ideal to me.
Had Nero and Countdown flipped in my head, I was thinking Nero started just before the movie.
I think you had it right the first time, SeerSGB. This tale would have been better told as the Countdown to Darkness, IMO. (I know, they had to preserve the mystery box blah, blah, blah.)

Countdown to Darkness was clever in the way it teased us with Captain April and all but it as a prequel to Into Darkness it fell pretty short of the mark, IMO. Countdown to Star Trek did a better job at setting up Star Trek.

But being the dutiful little Trekkie I'll run out and buy them, then the trade paperback.
Pretty much agreed. Countdown to Darkness isn't really a prequel to STID at all. Although it is better written than Countdown, Countdown did a better job setting up its movie. Something like this would have been much better in its place. The story of Captain April could have easily been made part of the Ongoing series.
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