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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x09 "The Vengeance Factor

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The rant about Yuta being a less than endearing portrayal of a woman sounds awfully hollow, too, considering that her being a woman is not a plot point at all.
I didn't say she was less endearing because she was a woman. I was kind of saying the exact opposite actually. When you have a female guest star who interacts with the main characters, have one on one dialogue scenes with them and figure more into the story than the other female characters, they wind up being more interesting than the main cast even though they're only here for one single story/episode.

The reason I specifically rant about guest star characters in TNG is because they tend to always be on the receiving end of the story, which usually serves to benefit the male dominant cast. Again, it's an issue I have that spans across TNG, not just this episode.
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