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Re: Making a Star Trek series that fits in with today's TV landscape

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I'm looking at this from my own perspective, the only one I have.

Watching tv is not a priority in our lives. My wife and I work a lot of hours, and keeping up with a series is hard to do. Most of the shows we like are in reruns, because we missed them in first run.

I've spent more time online today than I have in the last month, and that's because I'm at a standstill in other things.

It's hard to follow a serialized show with all the other things going on. My preference is to watch a bottle show with characters I like, so I don't have to try to keep up with a season long arc.

Some series can do it that way, and others can't.

Take Monk, for example. If you know the premise, you can watch any episode in any order, and it's ok. You don't have to know that last week Adrian had a cold and only got out of bed to save Natalie from a killer to know that in the next episode he would rescue his brother from a poisoned Halloween candy bar.

I prefer to watch episodes of my favorite shows that don't need a setup. I can fill in the blanks myself, and if I was wrong it just makes it that much more fun.
A show cannot revolve around the needs of one or two fans, it has to reach a wide audience and I think today's audience likes shows with ongoing stories. Lots of people end up binge watching an entire season of show on Netflix, so I am not sure your situation is typical of the average modern TV watcher.

Lots of the great TV shows out now depend on a ongoing story, stuff like Breaking bad, House of Cards and Game of Thrones wouldn't work without them and those are the type of shows that get buzz, rather then episodic shows. You cannot try to make a Star Trek show as an 60s or 80s show and expect it survive in today's TV market.
Unless you plan on selling the series to Netflix for first run, the Netflix binge watching doesn't matter. All it represents are viewers who don't watch in first run and instead lower the ratings so the show gets canceled sooner.
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