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Re: 22nd century star clipper...

Trying to get a better sense of scale. Here's a transparency of the star clipper superimposed over a copy of aridas' very nice Enterprise cross-section. This isn't meant to be exact because we could assume that the clipper's average deck height could likely be less than that of a 23rd century heavy cruiser. But from this I should be able to cobble together a rudimentary cross-section deck layout, and from that I can get more exact exterior dimensions. The comparison is based on a heavy cruiser of 947ft. length.

From this image we can see the star clipper's saucer will be about six or seven decks thick depending on average deck height. If we add in the decks in the aft section then we get a total of about ten or eleven decks. The hangar bay will be about half size (give-or-take) of a heavy cruiser's hangar bay.

As is I've got the ship sized about as small as I'm comfortable with and if necessary I can scale it up a bit more.
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