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Re: TNG Caption This! 325: To Glory

WESLEY: Data, why did they make chess three dimensional? It adds nothing and makes everything more confusing.
DATA: Accessing. Ahh. It appears in the 22nd century, people started arbitrarily making every day things more complicated so the past could, quote, 'suck it'.

RIKER: You sold Data on ebay?
WORF: I'm out of blood wine.

ALIEN: You're the one who ate our eggs!
RIKER: Those were yours? Eww!
ALIEN: We demand justice. We must now be allowed to eat one of your young!
RIKER: You think we'd let you do that, you think...hmm... Ensign Crusher, report to deck 25.

Wesley isn't very good at hide and seek.

CRUSHER: They're dying.
PICARD: How do you know?
CRUSHER: The little green arrows are going down toward the bottom.
PICARD: ...Damn.
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