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Re: Endgame and the Unicomplex (spoilers)

She was a lying trollop.

If the former science officer of the Al-Batani was too fricking stupid to notice that her cloak was incompatible with Voyager, take a step back and wonder what other holes there are in her master plan that aren't so easy to spy?

Sneak through = Cloak.

Fight through and destroy the Borg = Batmobile armour and torpedoes.


It only would have been 50 trips at most, and taken a couple days if Janeway had just slipped the crew home in her cloaked shuttle through the Borg transwarp network piecemeal, if they had decided to leave Voyager behind. And you know that that means that they'd have to scuttle it... The Doctor is an idiot from eye of the Needle thinking that he would just hang out in Sick bay forever after the ship had been abandoned.

Janeway is egregious and difficult.

She resists the will of her betters who know better.

Janeway knows this.

So Janeway gave Janeway something to rebel against, forcing her to do exactly what her older self always wanted her to do, by insisting that that is NOT what she wanted to do.
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