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Re: Do you think Starfleet felt Kirk had failed any of the missions?

Excuse me, they don't have the means in the 23rd Century to properly chart a star system and realize there's something wrong with one of the planets which is going to explode in six months?!?
Why should "proper charting" reveal that a planet is about to explode? And who would have been doing the "charting" - Kirk, in his spare time? He didn't have any! He had already lost enough time fighting a superman that he now needed to regain and hide from Starfleet so that they wouldn't realize he had been fighting a superman...

Rather odd for a ship assigned to a scientific mission, wouldn't you say?
What was scientific about the mission, though? All they were asked to do was check if some hellhole matched the exacting parameters set by the mad scientist: that doesn't call for science skills as such, merely supervision of sensor equipment. And Uhura can operate communications equipment just fine without knowing the first thing about languages!

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