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Re: Do you think Starfleet felt Kirk had failed any of the missions?

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Planets move, and Newtonian mechanics is a surprisingly inaccurate discipline when it comes to seven-or-more-body problems such as the Ceti A system. What Starfleet would know is that the desert world in that system is Ceti A VI...
Excuse me, they don't have the means in the 23rd Century to properly chart a star system and realize there's something wrong with one of the planets which is going to explode in six months?!? Really looks like somebody in stellar cartography aboard Kirk's Enterprise screwed up big time in "Space Seed".

Timo wrote: View Post
None of the officers we saw wore the collar directly indicative of a Sciences job.
Rather odd for a ship assigned to a scientific mission, wouldn't you say? This really starts to look more and more like an Alien scenario. Except that someone in Starfleet didn't want the Ceti Eels as a biological weapon, but possibly see Khan return to Earth.

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