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Re: Vengeance weapons

We're all waiting for the right screencap to come by...

It would make some sense for them to deploy from the holes in the saucer section. Marcus calls for the use of "Aft torpedoes!" as the big guns deploy; with a swiveling mount, we have to interpret that order as "Point the torpedo launchers aft!", but in most fights, the things would have to point in completely different directions. The holes in the hull would help a lot with that...

However, since we only see extreme closeups of the deployment, the guns could indeed pop down from the stern of the starship. Dunno why - swiveling mounts at bow would be an equally good if not better choice for firing at a target that sits almost directly to port.

We really need to squint at one of the long-distance shots to pinpoint the guns...

Timo Saloniemi
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