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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x09 "The Vengeance Factor

I don't fault Riker for seeking the long-term solution here, considering the problem itself is extremely long-term. "Stopping" Yuta is a lifelong endeavor, not a mere matter of preventing her latest attempt at killing. And the worst part of it is, "lifelong" is defined in her terms. She just. Won't. Stop. Not until all her designated victims are dead, or she is.

The rant about Yuta being a less than endearing portrayal of a woman sounds awfully hollow, too, considering that her being a woman is not a plot point at all. She could and would be all she is if she were a he, too (although it would probably help if she were the sort of he that dirty old men enjoy having really close to them).

Timo Saloniemi
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