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Re: Generations and Insurrection (Spoilers)

Star Trek films also have a fondness for revenge or the lamentation of one's (usually Kirk or Picard's) mortality.

TMP: Mortality
TWOK: Revenge/Mortality
TSFS: Mortality
TVH: Mortality
TFF: Mortality
TUC: Revenge/Mortality
GEN: Mortality
FC: Revenge
INS: Revenge/Mortality
NEM: Revenge/Mortality
ST09: Revenge
STiD: Revenge/Mortality

Granted, these are probably the two most common thematic strings throughout the history of storytelling, but aren't usually addressed so matter-of-factually through immediate discourse like they are in Trek film.

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*raises an eyebrow* A fascinating interpretation but one which I suspect you are the minority holder of.
Uniquely alien being comes to Earth to make contact with specific creature. When it cannot make contact with said creature, alien being threatens to destroy Earth. Enterprise crew travels into the unknown to save Earth.
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