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Why not? Standards change, as we're talking taste here.
Again, simple fairness. You can't bust JJ Abrams nuts over some of the sillier things he's done with the reboots and let Gene Roddenberry, Berman, Braga, all have a pass for equally silly/same things.
Of course you can. Since when is taste fair? If you don't like the overall film, of course you find flaws in it. Sole nitpicks are never the reason people don't like a film, they are only symptoms picked as examples in discussions.

Discussions here usually go this way:

Person 1: I fucking loved it.
Person 2: Yeah, it was great.
Person 3: I want babies with it.
Person 4: Meh, I didn't like it.
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Why?!
Person 3: WHY?!?!
Person 4: Yeah, you know, because of this and that and those and these.
And the shitstorm begins where Person 4 has to defend his opinion down to the tiniest detail against those other people. And eventually Person 4 gets bullied into argument corners and then labelled as butthurt or extremely nerdy, who "can't enjoy something for what it is", or who is on a hate quest against the director/cast/writer.

It also goes the other way round when the majority dislikes a film and someone comes in saying he liked it.
Well, no, they don't usually go that way, and you know it. Buuut you got your agreements from all-too-predictable quarters, so score yourself a point, give yourself a smug pat on the back, and sit down. I'd really like to not see you needling for a while, Jarod.

Now everyone can please get back to making the discussion about about the movie instead of about other fan groups.
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