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Re: Whee are the aliens?

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We are in a region that is completely empty.
How do you know that? We've not yet ruled out civilizations around the closest stars, we've got more to go to rule out a dead ancient Martian one and we will probably never completely rule out past visits to the Solar system or leftover alien artefacts on Earth and other bodies (well, if we discover that the area is completely desolate presently and historically, they will kinda rule themselves out).

We don't know that yet. At least not for sure (though I suspect the same as you).
The nearest planet that MIGHT be able to sustain life is Gliese 581 d and is 20 lightyears away. And not every planet in the habitable zone of a star will automatically develop life.

Life is rare. The idea of a vastly overpopulated galaxy as in science fiction is, well, fiction.

If FTL is possible by any means it might be that Earth-Alpha Centauri is just a short hop around the block, who knows? Maybe we live in a greater region that has a few civlizations and we just didn't encounter them or catch their radio signals because there's a ton of it flying through space on all frequencies.
Alpha Centauri highly likely doesn't contain any traces of life. And that's the point. Even if FTL travel is possible, it's not just "a hop" from one system to the next.

Planets with intelligent civilizations might be thousands, ten thousands of light years apart.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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