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And the shitstorm begins where Person 4 has to defend his opinion down to the tiniest detail against those other people. And eventually Person 4 gets bullied into argument corners and then labelled as butthurt or extremely nerdy, who "can't enjoy something for what it is", or who is on a hate quest against the director/cast/writer.

It also goes the other way round when the majority dislikes a film and someone comes in saying he liked it.
This is just utter bullshit. Lots of people in here have had no issue articulating why they like the two Abrams films.

When all you do is come in and scream that Abrams raped your childhood, don't be surprised when someone asks you why you dislike (hate) the movie. Also, don't be surprised when you answer "poor science" that people laugh at you as that is as common a staple of Star Trek as outer space or the transporters.
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