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Re: TOS Caption Contest #276: Balance of Captions

Kirk: "... and just for the record, I was never invited to officiate at Sulu's."

Spock: "You resigned your commission, sir."
Kirk: "Dammit, Spock, I was drunk!"
Spock: "Starfleet regulations clearly state that voluntary intoxication does not negate..."
Kirk: "To blazes with regulations! Those chairbound paper-pushers have never had a good buzz!"

Spock: "And your job is to sit and stare at a single button? Very good. I believe this downsizing project may prove easier than I anticipated."

Uhura: "There! The controls are responding much faster since I deleted all that stupid porn of yours."
Sulu: "You take a lot of chances, Lieutenant."

Scott: "Captain, we canna begin the dance party until ye switch it off Rush Limbaugh!"
Kirk: "Only an hour and twenty minutes left, Scotty."
Intercom: "...bunch of Vulcans and Andorians coming in and taking jobs away from decent, hardworking Earth people!"

Kirk: "Since the days of the first wooden vessels ... and that reminds me, I really need a leak."
Rand: (whispering) "Inappropriate, sir."

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