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Re: I just started watching 'Twin Peaks' and I'm hooked.

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Aldo wrote:
Does the soundtrack include 'Laura's theme?' That's my absolute favorite musical piece from the television show.
That's on the show's soundtrack, not the one for FWWM.
Actually I was trying to ask if that piece was featured in the movie. Though your answer seems to tell me that it's not.
No, it is (after all, it is a film about Laura Palmer!), and I think snippets are used on the FWWM soundtrack, but the full Laura's theme isn't on the film OST simply because it was already on the series soundtrack. The FWWM one mostly has the film's new music with the tracks used from the show avaliable elsewhere.

I love FWWM and think in this one case, the actual backstory we're given and more importantly, Laura Palmer herself is more interesting once her life is actually revealed than the cryptic and spread out clues given before. That's incredibly rare for a prequel, IMO.
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