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Re: Do you think Starfleet felt Kirk had failed any of the missions?

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Wasn't Kyle the communications officer on the Reliant.
Yes, you are probably right. Did the ship have a science officer as far as we can tell or did he conveniently disappear?

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The big question is how could they ended up mistaking Ceti Alpha V for Ceti Alpha VI. I could just about buy them not realising a planet was missing. They weren't looking for it. It is possible that Starfleet had simply come up with a list of planets to survey and Ceti Alpha VI was on the list. But if that was the case surely they would know where each planet in the Cetia Alpha system should be.
Really looks like the entire system had been quarantined, and definitely no one bothered to see if Khan and company were doing alright. Apparently, Ceti Alpha VI vanished inside a major black plot hole...

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