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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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In the past, I've seen others refer to the Miranda class as a "light cruiser", as opposed to a "heavy frigate" (the latter originating from the Avenger-class schematics from either SSA or MDC back in the mid-80's, IIRC), neither of which are canon. It is still a "cruiser" in some people's eyes - an overused, ubiquitous and highly ambiguous term in Trek, to be sure.
But since USS Reliant is a member of the Miranda Class and indicated by Chekov in his log entry to be a "starship", this would make other Mirandas starships, too, wouldn't it?

@ Praetor & Workbee

If Picard would have actually paid attention to the bridge alcove he would have noticed that the TOS Enterprise belonged to the "Starship Class".

Despite the retroactive continuity attempt involved in the scene (to manifest the Constitution Class assumption), I wonder if Scotty's "Aye" meant Picard was correct, was correct that the last Enterprise Scotty served on (NCC-1701-A) was a Constitution Class starship or whether Scotty was simply too drunk to give Picard a history lesson and just went along...

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