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Re: Generations and Insurrection (Spoilers)

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To an extent all the Next Gen movies hinge on a device of one kind or another and the need to stop it, and the diabolical villian attached to said device.
So did most of the TOS films, to an extend. And all nuTrek films.

TSFS, TFF, and TUC didn't, unless you're defining "device" so loosely as to mean "enemy ship" or something.

In contrast, GEN, INS, and NEM, three out of the four next gen movies, did rely on that, so it's accurate to say that it's more of a Next Gen thing.
I would honestly include FC since the "device" in question is The Enterprise itself which the Borg are in the process of taking control of.

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TMP and TVH are pretty much the same plot too.
*raises an eyebrow* A fascinating interpretation but one which I suspect you are the minority holder of.
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