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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

Note that her comments about the firing is a rather recent one. She kept quiet about the subject for many years, only admitting once, when asked about it at a convention that: "Yes, I was fired!".

If she had been that happy to leave as Mrs. Taylor states, then she would have told the world about it then, explaining why it was so necessary to leave Voyager and start a new career.

I can compare with myself there. A couple of years ago, I was fired from a job I really liked (for economical reasons). I was very angry and disappointed at the time. Today, if people ask me about that event, I just shrug and say "s**t happens". I've left it behind me a long time ago, even if I still think that the company handled it badly at the time.

As for the "Lien case", I still think that it was badly handled by those in charge and the firing was unnecessary as well.
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