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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

Boy was that disappointing (as expected).. they build up this Warlow dude and what do we get? A half fairy/half Vampire prettyboy who just didn't cut it.. and he dies to a simple staking. Talk about anticlimactic.

The rest.. dumb as usual. I honestly can't explain why i'm still watching it. I really have no explanation.. in general the whole thing has lost all coolness that made it great in season 1 and a must see TV appointment but it went downhill fast after that.

There a bits and pieces of coolness but they've become so rare that i shouldn't bother anymore though i did get a hearty laugh in the finale when Bill said "Sookie" in this rather dumb way which they also made fun of at one of their early Comic Con panels when Moyer was asked to say it like that and everybody started laughing.

Well.. it's like most of the shows that are way past their prime. I keep watching out of habit and there comparably few things i watch during the summer so it doesn't take away too much time.

See you next season (most likely).
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