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Re: Revisiting TAS...

We watched "The Pirates of Orion" the other day and it struck me how easily this story could have been a TOS episode.

I like the Orions' uniforms and the fact that they had green skin. The discussions between the Orion captain and his first officer were reminiscent of "Balance of Terror". Not crazy about their ship design, though.

In addition to referencing the Babel Conference and Coridan from "Journey to Babel", it contains two of TOS' hallmarks; the ship in trouble and a ticking clock. The ending plays out much like many TOS episodes did. Amazingly, for a "Saturday morning" offering, this Orion crew also attempts suicide...the Orion Captain even tries to "pop a pill" on the Enterprise bridge.

Curious as to why the Orions are referred to as "O-ree-ons", rather than the familiar pronunciation.
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