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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

They addressed the cigarette "epiphany" in the "Talking Bad" segment.

Based on what I can tell, he was looking to light up a new doob. He realized that the bag was gone after (IIRC) another covert frisking by Saul's security guy. He then went to smoke a regular cigarette and that's when it clicked. When he realized the bag had been lifted so expertly without his knowledge, he realized that the same person or people were behind the loss of his "lucky" cigarette and it all came crashing together. The only thing he neglected to take into account is that the tox report on his girlfriend's son proved that he wasn't poisoned by Walt's special substance (not including the name here - don't want a knock at my door), moving attention away from that and onto some other potential source. In any case, that part was clearly irrelevant in Jesse's mind, as he had already decided who was responsible and went to take retribution.

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